Category: Water is the one supply you definitely can’t live without for very long. Above all else, you have to be prepared for a good water supply that will keep you and your family alive for days, weeks and months.
Short term water supplies can be met with water bottles, water filters, and water purification tablets. Some products for short-term water storage include portable options like water bricks, water bags, and even backpacks with built in hydration systems.
You must also plan for long-term water storage. Not only do you and your family need water to survive, but you’ll need it for your crops and animals as well as for cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene.
You may want to purchase water storage tanks that can be used indoors or outdoors.
Stored water has to be rotated out just like food – it won’t keep forever. Make sure you label the dates on your water containers.

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

sawyer mini water filtration system

One survival problem that you will probably find is that your water supply can become filled with bacteria or other contaminants that will make it undrinkable. A Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System can clean your water so that it is…