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survival first aid kitA first aid kit that you pick up at the drug store probably won’t have what you need for long term or even short-term survival. What you need is a survival first aid kit. These are quite a bit different than what you need to treat minor cuts and scrapes.
If you can’t find a survival first aid kit made specifically for survivalists, then put together the supplies you need yourself. One thing you will need is a first aid manual.
Here is a list of some of the things that you will need: bandages in different shapes and sizes, gauze pads in a variety of sizes and make sure they’re the absorbent kind, butterfly strips, medical tape, burn dressings, Ace bandages, disposable glovescotton swabs, scissors, tweezers, flashlight, fever medicationice packsantibiotic ointments, allergic reaction tabletssuture kit, supergluesnakebite kit and other items that you and your family might need.
Investigate the area you’ll be staying in to see what dangers you might encounter so that your survival first aid kit can be built specifically for those issues.

Best First Aid Kits For Survivalists

survival first aid kit

If you have a survivalist or a prepper on your gift list then take a look at these best first aid kits for survivalists. Survivalists and preppers need a lot of first aid kits. One for each vehicle, one or…