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Best Buck Fixed Blade Survival KnivesSo what are the best Buck fixed blade survival knives?

If you know knives, then you have heard of Buck knives and may have even owned a few. I own a number of Buck knives that I still use today, including a Buck Personal knife given to me by a friend many years ago.

These knives last, keep a sharp edge and are easy to sharpen.

And don’t forget Buck’s Forever Warranty.

There are five knives in the Buck Knife Survival Series.

Buck survival knives are designed to provide you with rugged dependability no matter what you need them to do.

buck hood hoodlum survival knifeBuck Hood Hoodlum Knife – If you need a big knife then the Buck Hoodlum is it. The blade is massive, sharp as a razor and is ready for any survival situation. Can be used for almost anything, from chopping your way through saplings, cutting wood for a campfire and can even be used to cut down small trees. The Hoodlum is well balanced and feels good in the hand. It also comes with detailed instructions for multiple uses and is an incredibly versatile knife.


Buck Selkirk Survival KnifeBuck Selkirk Knife – This knife is hefty and nicely balanced but not big and heavy. This knife is perfect for survival, camping, fishing, and hunting. It has a very comfortable handle grip and the size and shape of the blade is great. The Selkirk Knife comes with a well made sheath that is designed to be carried in a variety of positions including right or left side. The ferro rod and whistle are nice to have survival items.

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