Seven Basic Everyday Carry Items For Survivalists

Seven Basic Everyday Carry Items For SurvivalistsFor most of us, everyday carry items are the things that we carry in our pockets, purse or wallet so that we have them with us just in case an emergency situation or a disaster comes along. So after some research, these are what I found to be the seven basic everyday carry items for survivalists.

Now keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and probably won’t be a good fit for everyone so do come up with your own EDC. This is also not what you would have in an everyday carry bag, just what you would carry on your person.





Survival Pocket KnifeSurvival Pocket Knife
A pocket knife should be fairly small so that it is easy to carry and doesn’t have a lot of bulk. Make sure that it can be easily sharpened and that the blade locks in place. Know your state laws about what you can legally carry.




survival multi toolSurvival Multi Tool
This is one item that you should have with you at all times. A good multi tool to carry in your pocket should be small but really well made. Most of them have screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, saw, knives, bottle openers and a host of other things. Remember small and lightweight but well made. Cheap is not the way to go.






Survival FlashlightSurvival Flashlight
Again small but well made and have a bright light. Could fit on a key chain but must be easy to carry. Just make sure that you check your flashlight every day to make sure that the battery doesn’t need changing. There are also some that are solar powered that you might want to consider.






Survival LighterSurvival Lighter
Even if you don’t smoke, you need a good lighter. A cheap throw away one will just work fine. You can even find lighters that you can attach to your key chain.








Survival ParacordSurvival Paracord
You need 4 or 5 feet of 550 paracord. This can be used for all kinds of things from shoe strings to strapping things down. You can get these as bracelets, straps and even belts.







Survival Watch
Survival Watch

You need an analog watch – the old fashioned kind that you wind and has real minute and second hands. I know, a lot of the analog watches use batteries but what do you do if the battery gives out? You need one that you wind up. I like the ones that clip onto a belt loop or strap. You can even find instructions on the Internet on how to use one of these watches as a compass.






Survival Notepad and PenSurvival Notepad and Pen
Get a small size that fits in a pocket or purse. These come in handy if you have to leave a note somewhere about where you are or where you will be. This will be especially useful if your cell phone isn’t working. I like the small notepad organizer style that have replaceable notepads and there are loops to hold my pen.



These are just the basics and depending on your situation you might want to and probably would add to this list. You might want to carry a concealed weapon, pepper spray or some other means of personal protection.

And some of you might even want to swap the pen above for one of these tactical pens.

Personally I don’t want to but some of you might want to get an EDC organizer of some sort to put all of your stuff in. This would probably be more convenient once you start adding a lot of other items to you everyday carry essentials.